Our Services


Over the last years SHM has been specialising in Pop-up  shop Event, a new commercial and creative format. The Pop-up event is a business model  placed between  promotion and retail. The temporary formula allows the brand to activate sales and marketing strategies avoiding all the fixed costs and the long technical and organizational times of the traditional store, giving the opportunity of products test straight on the market and strengthen the brand awareness with important  commercial overcome.

SHM chooses exclusive venues located in strategic and coolest areas of the city and selects the brand participants to create and manage a stylish multi brand concept store. The chosen venue has always  its storefront windows directly facing the street and is designed with a ready-to-be used booth including all the furnishing for each participating brand. The management of the store is centralized and operated by SHM, that provides shop assistants, cash desk, P.O.S. for international payments. 

Each Company has the possibility to have its own team in the shop at its own expense and to carry out marketing activities for the brand (leafleting, discount coupons, gifts, product launch events, presentation of new collections, etc.). Some pop up shops are suitable for b2b activities too: a Showroom area is set up inside the store allowing the brand to arrange also appointment and presenting the collections to buyers, fashion operators, clients, media etc.

More than a Pop-up Shop: The positive experience within a pop up shop can lead the brand to open its new store, through the mid-long term lease of the venue and the expertise of SHM. This innovative format has successfully realized by SHM in Milano, New York City and Miami. Visit “Our Best Pop-Up Events” Section on the homepage to discover a  great selection of pop-up events organized by SHM.

SHM has launched its new marketplace dedicated to independent fashion, design, beauty brands. A showcase where SHM offers unique and high quality products, mostly Made in Italy,  proposing  an idea of  contemporary lifestyle. Secure purchases and special sales.

SHM’s e-shop is a promotional and sales channel for the brand clients, a tool that combines with others SHM’s activities (social networks, newsletters, pop-up shops, collaborations, etc.). Visit the E-Shop section on our website www.stylehuntermilano.it

SHM organizes and manages multi brand temporary showrooms  in exclusive exhibiting spaces dedicated to a selection of fashion brands interested in presenting their collections in prestigious venues during the periods of sales campaign and fashion week. The exhibiting spaces  are designed with  ready-to-be used booth including all the furnishing for each participating brand and maintaining the privacy and the image of each presented brand. Each brand can use the temporary showroom to set its appointments with buyers, clients, media, and organize brand’s presentations and events, according to its needs.

This innovative format has successfully realized by SHM in Milan during Milano Fashion Week, in New York City during NY Fashion Week, in Miami during Art Basel

The consulting is focused on the product through product costs and research of manufacturing companies. SHM has developed a network of Italian fabric and textile suppliers matching the company needs and priorities.

SHM provides creative production services thanks to the professional network of photographers, video makers, style and image operators (stylists, hair stylists, make-up artists, model agencies, etc. available to the brands. SHM sets up photoshoots in fully equipped photo studios or in suggestive locations to create lookbooks, catalogues, photos for e-commerce according to the brand client’s needs.

Thanks to a great team of digital experts SHM realizes professional websites and e-commerces using responsive design template, creating custom graphics and  original contents in Italian / English language.       

SHM also uses its partnership with important international digital and social media marketing companies, located in Europe and United States. The goal is to helps brands to increase their presence on the web with a distinct digital voice, creating digital and social media marketing strategies to get the right content for the right customer at the right time and place.

Style Hunter Milano is a consulting company with offices in Milan (Italy) and Miami (USA). Through the investments and operations of our American sister company Style Hunter Milano Inc., we are uniquely positioned to provide our brands and clients with strategic positioning and distribution in the United States market. We strongly believe that companies will only survive thanks to the export. The reason why we have chosen the US market is simple: United States have one of the strongest economies, they are competitive, meritocratic and also they are known for their high buying power. We provide access to a vast, strong market of 300 million potential clients by fully positioning, managing, and promoting brands on the US market without the marketing, logistics, and legal work that would be required by the traditional internationalization process of a company.

Through Innovative projects also supported by international partners, our US company is capable to introduce and position small-medium businesses in the U.S.A. Market either on a commercial level or communication to increase the brand awareness in a new market.

Our Services:

- Pop up shop & Showroom in key American cities (currently New York and Miami)

- Commercial consulting and export management

- B2B distribution with buyers and American boutiques

- Sales management on-line and off-line

- Photo-shooting and promotional events in the US supported by communication and marketing agencies

-Digital and social media marketing strategies in collaboration with international communication agencies.

By using our US company we are able to think and operate the same way of the other companies in the United States. Quite frequently distributors, buyers and sales agencies expect that companies wanting to export their products are integrated in the local economic environment and are allowed to work in the United States through a legal US business.

Style Hunter Milano Inc operates in the US market right “on the field” thanks to our storage space available to clients and to our post-sale support in the USA.  We comply with the legal, commercial and operational requirements of the US market, hence providing companies with the unique chance of selling their products in the United States without the disturbances caused by legal and logistics processes.

The mentioned above activities and services dedicated to our clients  might be considered as a “warm-up” that leads to product testing right on the foreign market with minimum investment and with the support of our experts and international managers.

We also provide “step-by-step” assistance to companies wishing to invest in the United States through our network of qualified consultants and partners specialized in the positioning and internationalization of Italian and European companies in the U.S.A. market.